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My Date

In my previous post I said that one of the things that make me happy is going on a date with my husband. We try to go out at least once every two weeks. My kids are a little older, my oldest definitely old enough to babysit the youngest, so getting away this often is easy for us. I know those of you who have younger kids will find it harder (babysitters are sooo expensive) but I recommend you try at least once a month to schedule a date with your husband/wife.

Last night we ended up at a popular restaurant/bar. We love to sit at the bar because that's where the action is. You can listen to the bartenders complain about each other, about the customers and everything else. It always amazes me how efficient and fast bartenders are. And if its a little slow, they love to talk to you. We've met the most fascinating people sitting at the bar.

This time we sat next to a group of girls out for the night. They were drinking Jaeger Bombs, interspersed with the occasional beer. They weren't loud or obnoxious, just having a fun time. Well, one of the girls started talking to me and she couldn't get over the fact at how drunk she was so early in the evening (it was 9:30). She offered us her appetizers. We declined. We talked about a few things and she went back to her friends.

A little while later, hubby and I are talking and suddenly she's right beside us. She leans in close and says, "You two are going to have dirty sex tonight. I just know it." And she walks away.

I burst out laughing. Hubby was speechless.

Needless to say, she made our night and now I'm wondering how I can fit this into a story.

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