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Starting Over

I've been blogging for five years now but you wouldn't know it by looking at this blog. See, I have a teenage daughter and she wanted to create her own GMail account. No biggie, right?


When she created her account, it somehow took over all of my Google things. Like Blogger. And my calendar.

So I deleted her GMail account, assuming all my Google things (like Blogger and my calendar) would revert back to my email.

Wrong again.

It deleted everything.

Five years of posts.

Yeah, I didn't back them up. Stupid me.

So I'm starting over. Can you hear the crickets? Because that's about all I'll hear for awhile since I can't access my old blog and no one knows I'm over here at Writers Do It With Words (btw, I thought that was a pretty cool title for a blog).


Sitting here in blogland all by myself.

Waiting for someone to notice me.



  1. Hi Sharon,

    I saw your email on RWC and decided to say hi. I began writing/blogging a few months ago; signed up for a class and working on three short stories. I'm enjoying the process and each day I gain greater respect for those passionate about writing.

    I'm sorry to hear about your cyber-disaster. I haven't checked, but there should be a method that allows you to backup your blog and address book, even if Google doesn't offer that availability to individual accounts. If I find something reliable, I'll pass it on; I know that doesn't offer much comfort for the here and now...but

    Best wishes for the holidays and a wonderful 2009.


  2. I hear you!! I don't know what happened to mine, I started it in 2005 and Google froze it this year. Impossible to contact anyone in the Google organization, soooo........ here I am with a new Blog. I'm like two to three months in. Very frustrating!! I hope you will come and visit my blog also. Are you on FaceBook?
    This is the link to my blog: SagHarborGifts.Info

  3. i"m so sorry to hear you lost it all.

  4. Hi, stopping by to drop pff a blog-warming gift - a big cyber hug! :)



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